We can help you in training and preparing your horse(s) for competition, in order to sell the horse(s) in optimal conditions or not. This happens in agreement and total transparency with the owner. Together we try to create a better future for the horse and the owner.


Rider Jelle Hoorens is also a certified trainer / instructor level B.


As a professional rider, Jelle knows how important it is to have a horse that is good / excellent in his movements and feels relaxed. We strive for a horse in optimal condition and health, without any troubles such as a blockage for example. Click here for more information.


We are pleased to help you if you are looking for a( sport)horse that will suit you. We always have horses to show you, if not, we will search and find the right (sport)horse for you.

We are a dynamic, growing stable going for an education and training of the (sport)horse to the highest level as our most ambitious goal.
Please contact us for further information about our horses or the other services we offer.